Custom Scrabble Earrings: $5!

Custom Scrabble Earrings for Just $5!

Thatgirlmoe offers custom made Scrabble earrings and necklaces. They are absolutely amazing. You get to choose the letter you get and everything. Great quality.

I personally think this seller deserves another sale. When I ordered, for five dollars, I was sent not only the pair of earrings; but also a matching necklace, for no extra charge! This seller is dedicated to her work, and really wants her customers satisfied.

That’s what we buyers are looking for in a Fiverr seller. Professional conversation skills, customer support, and quality work. But, we also want the person who’s providing us a service, to be nice. Thatgirlmoe was exactly that.

Remember, I took a leap of faith on a gig that had no sales beforehand. Look at the outcome. Sometimes it pays to be generous and lend a virtual smile.

Great job thatgirlmoe!

– – – – – –

Wanna grab some Scrabble earrings too?
Check out her Fiverr selling page!


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