Have Pacman Eat Your Text: $5!

Have Pacman Eat Your Text: $5!

What an awesome idea! šŸ˜€

Ynneblack will get a Pacman to eat your text. A fun way to advertise your business, or send a greeting to a retro game lover! For just five dollars, see what you’ll get:

(direct summary)

“I will made this hand-drawn pacman eat your text (name, URL, …) written on drops. You will receive animated GIF, about 33-100 frames long (it should be up to 1 minute).

What will be included:
up to 3 lines of text (>9 letters for each line = 27 letters)
any colour(s) for background (you can send me HTML code of the colour you want or at least basic description of the colour – salmon, baby blue,… – but it can be 2 colours, colour stripes etc.)
any colour of the drops
any colour of the text”

Look what other customers have said…

“Excellent job! Worked with my specifications and kept in good communication throughout process and asked me questions to make sure he understood. Kudos!”

Don’t wait any longer to get your text-eating Pacman gig!


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