Technical SEO Advice: $5!

Technical SEO Advice: $5!

Qwindoo, on Fiverr, will help you out with auditing your website, and giving you technical SEO advice. All in just a day!

Here’s the direct excerpt from the gig…

“I’m a Business student majoring in Webmarketing with a background in Web development. As a registered Freelance Web developer & Technical SEO consultant, I have been working on many websites whose traffic range from 10k Unique Visitors/month.

Based on my experience & several talks with “experts” over the years, SEO is a field rife with bullshit. Anyone with a computer can join in and no one in the field can guarantee a specific result for a specific site in a specific timeframe for a specific amount of money with a specific risk. Yet you find so-called “SEO gurus” everywhere; they promise you a top 3 position for your keywords, do their magic and then whine at “Evil Google” when your rankings drop all of a sudden.

The only subset of Search Engine Optimization that you can control entirely is the onsite/technical aspect, the way that your site presents its content to visitors and search engines. That’s what I do; it should be the basis of any online strategy yet few do it right.

For $5, I won’t promise you the moon; I’ll check your website for things worth improving and give you a detailed report that you can then act upon to see actual positive results.”

So what are you waiting for?

Learn more here!


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