meet the founder

picofme  Hey there! I’m Ace ( ), and I started Fiverrtastic to help out all of those frustrated Fiverr sellers out there who were not noticed. Now, they can all be in the limelight on this new website, dedicated to helping those sellers become number one.

You can find me on Fiverr by searching for the username “its_ace”. You’ll find many gigs by me, from party planning to drawing any picture you’d like. I’ll also feature your gig on this site, and send you sand from the ocean of your choice. I love providing services to others, and I won’t stop until everyone is satisfied.

If you’d like to become apart of the community here at Fiverrtastic, we’d love to have you! Comment, like, follow, and share this awesome place with your friends and fellow Fiverr sellers. At the moment, we’re also in need of a few people to be “Giggy Pigs”; which means, essentially, that you’ll become the tester (Guinea Pig) and purchase newbie gigs to see how well the customer service and quality is.

Comment for more details!

If you’d like to know more about me, message me on Fiverr, or anywhere on the site.

Stay Fiverrtastic! 😀



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